Fee for Service Policy

The Amador Fire Protection District Board of Directors has approved a new “fee for service” policy for medical calls.  Following a series of public meetings, the Amador County Board of Supervisors, meeting as the Fire District Board of Directors, approved an ordinance that will allow the Fire Department, which serves much of unincorporated Amador County and the City of Plymouth, to bill the insurance companies of individuals its provides medical assistance to.  Under the Department’s, “compassionate billing” those without insurance, or those who’s insurance does not cover emergency medical calls, such as Medicare and Medicaid, would not be charged.  In response to public input, parts of the ordinance were rewritten to strengthen the language on the so-called “compassionate billing.”  Also, the amount of the fee has been reduced from the $364 originally proposed, to $229.  The proposal did receive criticism during public comment, with several members of the public questioning the worth of the program.  The vote to approve the new policy was unanimous, 5-0.

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