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Amador Board Extends Hemp Ban

Amador Board Extends Hemp Ban

Meeting in special session on Tuesday Morning, the Amador County Board of Supervisors have extended the County’s ban on industrial hemp.  The Board first approved an urgency ordinance putting the band in place in April. Tuesday, following a public hearing, they unanimously approved extending the ban for an additional ten months and 15 days, or April 5, 2020. The Board again cited original reasons for the ban, including the difficulty telling industrial hemp from the recreation “pot” form of the plant, potential nuisance impacts from the smell of the plant and uncertainty over the State’s regulation of the crop. The Board did hear from one local businessman interested in perusing hemp for use in medicinal oils. Board members did seem open to revisiting the issue, if opposition from residents could be addressed and the State implements its own regulations.

Written by Craig Baracco


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