Jackson City Council Update

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The Jackson City Council has voted to move forward with a rate increase for water service in the City.  Following the presentation of a water rate study from the Reed Consulting Group, the Council voted unanimously to move forward with the Proposition 218 required for the city to raise its water rates.  The rate study calls for a series of increases over the next 5 years, starting with a 15% increase starting in July of this year, then a 12% increase in 2020, a 9% increase in 2021, and a 4% increase in the following two years.  The increase would apply to both the base connection fee and charge per unit of water used.  Under this new rate structure, a single-family home that currently pays $33.72 would pay $43.72 after one year and $57.73 after five years. Under Proposition 218, the City will mail notices of the increase out to ratepayers, and the increase will be blocked if more than 50% return protests.


In other business, the Council approved the allocation of Measure E revenue raised by the City’s Transit Occupancy Tax.  A total of $80,000 was allocated, including $25,000 for promoting the City, $15,000 for city programs such as facade repair, $10,000 to cover City expenses to put on public events, and $30,000 to repair the roof at City Hall.  The Council also voted to update plans for extending Sutter Street to account for changes made by the reinforcing of the Argonaut Tailings dam.

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