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Man Files Lawsuit Against CHP In Amador County Shooting....

Man Files Lawsuit Against CHP In Amador County Shooting.... 

An Amador County man filed a lawsuit Wednesday claiming that the California Highway Patrol failed to warn him that they had rearmed an officer who wanted to kill him for being in a relationship with the officer’s estranged wife.   In his suit, Philip DeBeaubien claims the department’s negligence also led to a 2018 incident in which he was shot by the officer, who then killed himself after murdering his wife.  DeBeaubien says in his 17-page complaint that he had been in a romantic relationship with Mary Wheat, the estranged wife of former CHP officer Brad Wheat.   According to the complaint, which was filed in Sacramento Superior Court, Wheat became aware of his wife’s relationship with DeBeaubien around July 2018 and began stalking the pair.  The complaint goes on to say, during an August 4 assessment, the CHP, found Wheat unfit for duty and removed his department-issued pistol and ammunition, after Wheat had revealed to a department psychologist that he had “uncontrolled anger” towards his wife and DeBeaubien.   DeBeaubien also claims that the department failed to issue him a warning, which is the practice of police agencies warning potential victims of violence.   DeBeaubien further claims that the department “failed to properly assess Wheat’s fitness for duty and/or mental capacity” and in early September 2018, reissued Wheat his weapon, which eventually led to the shooting of DeBeaubien and the murder suicide of Mary and Brad Wheat on the evening of September 3rd.  Debeaubien says that CHP was aware of the underlying problems Wheat faced but chose to ignore the issues. The CHP and 3 CHP officers are all named as defendants in the suit.

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