Summer Driving Tips From CHP

Summer Driving Tips From CHP

Summer road trips are a family tradition for many, and to make sure a trip is enjoyable, the California Highway Patrol reminds everyone that prevention and planning may take time up front, but can spare drivers from dealing with the consequences of a breakdown or worse. Summer driving can be more dangerous than other seasons for several reasons.

The CHP recommends:

…Make sure your vehicle maintenance is up to date.

…Program and global positioning systems, whether in your phone or your car, in advance.

…Buckle Up! Be sure everyone in your vehicle is wearing a seat belt of child safety seat.

…Never leave pets, children, or the elderly alone in a car for any length of time.

…And, expect road construction and plan for delays. Vacationing drivers, unfamiliar with an area, may also drive erratically or unpredictably. More teenagers, who are inexperienced driver, are also more likely to be on the road during the summer months.

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