Amador School Board Approves Budgets And Classes

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Amador School Board Approves Budgets And Classes

The Amador County School Board, meeting Wednesday night, approved budgets for both the Amador School District and the County Office of Education.  After much attention and additional work, including the District bringing in a finical crisis team, the Board approved a budget that is projected to run a surplus.  The School District expects to bring in almost 42 million dollars in total revenue in the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Planned spending totals 41.5 million dollars, leaving a surplus of close to half a million dollars to help restore the District’s depleted fiscal reserves.  The District’s 3-year budget projection shows the District restoring its state-mandated reserves, assuming that the overall economy stays healthy.

On the Office of Education Budget, the Board approved a budget that is just in balance on close to 12 million dollars in revenue and expenses.  Unlike the School District, the Office of Education is not projected to restore its fiscal reserves in the next few years.   It was also announced at the meeting that due to a delay in federal funds being distributed, the County office will have trouble making payroll and that the School District would distribute $200,000 to the County Office to help them make ends meet.

In other business, the Board approved six new classes for the District’s High Schools, both required and elective, including Modern California History, Computer Science Principles, Sport Broadcasting and Vocal Ensemble.

Written by KVGC Staff