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CCBOS Adopts Preliminary Budget For 2019-20

CCBOS Adopts Preliminary Budget For 2019-20

The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors adopted the preliminary budget for 2019-20 on Tuesday. General Fund monies were increased by $22,000 in the GIS budget, $674 in the Community Organizations budget, $132,000 in the Assessor budget, $75,500 in the Environmental Health budget, $3,000 in the Onsite Wastewater budget and $329,816 in the County Contributions budget. Part of the County budget consists of $98,000 for the Sheriff’s Office for the purchase of two additional Ford F-150 trucks, a $17,000 drone, a hostage negotiation phone and a transport vehicle. Additionally, the county library received its request of about $36,000 to fund a permanent position for a traveling STEAM educator for children. As far as positive long-term projections that were not factored into the budget, increases in assessed home values and planned large residential housing developments in the county may provide additional revenue sources for next year.

Written by KVGC Staff

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