Plymouth Approves Budget

The Plymouth City Council approved a budget for City at their meeting last night.

Following reviews and edits to the document over a pair of meetings, the Council voted to adopt the 2019-2020 budget.  The City expects to take in some 857,000 dollars and spend 887,000 dollars from its general fund.   220,000 dollars are expected from property tax, and 200,000 dollars from sales taxes.  The City plans to spend $237,000 on City Administration, $104,000 on parks and recreation, and $126,000 on streets and public works.   The Council also made appointments to an advisory board to review applications for transit occupancy grants to promote tourism and visitors to the city.  The Council first held a lengthy debate on how many members to appoint to the board, what the advisory role of the board would be, and even if the whole process should be continued for more discussion.  Eventually, the Council did appoint member to the advisory board.

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