AWA Budget Progress

The Amador Water Agency Board of Directors spent their latest meeting working on the Agencies’ budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.  Meeting Thursday morning, the Board spent several hours examining the proposed budget.   AWA expects to take in a total of 18.8 million dollars in revenue over the year, including 8.6 million in water sales, 1.7 million from wastewater service, and 2.2 million dollars from grants.  Expenditures are predicted to match revenues at 18.8 million, with the Agency spending 6.2 million on projects, 3.7 million dollars on salaries, and 2.6 million on debt service.  Board members made a line-by-line examination of the budget, offering numerous questions and edits for Agency staff.  Their suggestions were often with a mind to make financial information clearer or to give more details, such as a more detailed breakdown of Agency projects and which types of money were spent, or to more clearly label different sections of the budget to make them more understandable.  The Board approved a continuing resolution to extend the current year’s budget for two weeks to give staff time to make changes to the budget document, and expect to pass a final budget at their next meeting.

Written by Craig Baracco

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