PG&E Aerial Detection Patrols

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has begun daily aerial fire detection patrols across thousands of miles of its service area. This is the sixth year for these patrols which assist the U.S. Forest Service, CAL FIRE and local fire agencies with early fire detection and response. Early detection of smoke or fire allows fire agencies to quickly respond to accurate locations. The patrols will run until October 31 or later, depending upon conditions.  Seven planes will fly daily routes from late afternoon until dusk, the time of day when wildfires are most likely to start.    PG&E began operating the aerial patrols in 2014, after the governor issued a drought emergency declaration. PG&E has continued the patrols because of the scale of tree mortality and the significant increase of fire risk in California. Locally the route covering our region will cover from Auburn to the north and Sonora to the south. The patrols are coordinated through PG&E's aerial operations and the 24/7 Wildfire Safety Operations Center.

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