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Preliminary Findings In The Fatal Father's Day Plane Crash

Preliminary Findings In The Fatal Father's Day Plane Crash 

The preliminary findings of the aviation accident report in the fatal Father’s Day, plane crash at Tulloch reservoir were released last week by the National Transportation Safety Board. The report confirms the pilot who died, Trent F. Johnson, was flying from Columbia Airport to Modesto City-County Airport, also known as Harry Sham Field. No flight plan was filed for Johnson’s flight on Father’s Day, the NTSB preliminary report states. Witnesses said Johnson’s plane did a flyby and a wing-dip at a low altitude for people watching, before it struck power lines and plummeted nose-first into Tulloch reservoir. The report goes on to say, Johnson’s last flight was a personal flight that originated from Columbia Airport at an unknown time. The plane struck power lines and plunged into Tulloch reservoir about 11:45 A.M. June 16. Diver recovered Johnson’s body from the cockpit of his plane on June 18. The wreckage was recovered later the same day. The NSTB investigation will continue to look at human, mechanical and environmental factors to determine a probable cause. The investigation can take 12 to 24 months.

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