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Abandoned Campfires And Trash Left Behind In SNF

Abandoned Campfires And Trash Left Behind In SNF

A large number of abandoned campfires and trash was left behind in the Stanislaus National Forest this past long holiday weekend. Throughout the 4th of July Holiday week, there were 42 abandoned campfires that were found and extinguished by fire and recreation staff. These abandoned campfires, if left unfound, could easily become an out of control wildfire. A valid California campfire permit clearly states the expectations as a forest visitor on how to properly build, maintain and extinguish your campfires. The current fine for a campfire violation on the Stanislaus National Forest is $380. Forest officials remind us, it only takes one abandoned campfire to become the next major wildfire in California. Recreation and fire units also picked up over 100 bags of trash throughout the forest. This trash is not only unsightly and smells terrible; it is harmful and potentially deadly to local wildlife and natural resources. All trash must be disposed of properly, and you can be cited a $150 fine for not doing so. If trash bins are unavailable for a remote location and you packed it in, please pack it out!

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