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ABS Talks Cemetery Fees And More

ABS Talks Cemetery Fees And More

The Amador Board of Supervisors went through a number of administrative matters at its meeting on Tuesday. The board approved a fee increase for use of the Drytown cemetery, raising the cost of burials by 20%. A permanent stay in Drytown will now cost $600, less than fees charged at other county cemeteries due to restricted access to the site. In a code enforcement case the board voted to approve an abatement action for a property located outside of Sutter Creek, in which the county will remove a large amount of junk and inoperable vehicles from a property, and then charge the property owner the expense. This follows a long process in which the property owners have failed to clean up the property in compliance with county orders. The supervisor’s also approved a resolution honoring the Amador Water Agency on the 60th anniversary of its founding.

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