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ASB Recall Effort Falls Short Of Signatures

ASB Recall Effort Falls Short Of Signatures

The drive to recall 4 of 5 members on the Amador School Board failed to collect enough signatures for three of the targeted seats.  The deadline to collect signatures in three of four School Board Districts passed at 5 pm on Tuesday evening.   At 4:45 pm recall petitions were handed in to the Amador County Election office.  According to County election officials, in none of the three districts did proponents turn in enough signatures to trigger a recall election.   25% of registered voters must sign in order to force a recall, a target number of between roughly 1,000 and 1,250 signatures per district.  The Election office did not release the number of signatures collected.   The three districts affected are District 1, represented by Kandi Thompson, District 4, represented by Susan Ross, and District 5, represented by Janet White.    The recall petition in District 2, represented by Deborah Pulskamp, is still active, with a deadline of August 8th due to a higher number of registered voters in the District.

The four Board members were served with notices of recall back in April, with proponents at the time, citing the reassignment of the Principal of Pioneer Elementary and board member’s support of District Superintendent Amy Slavenski as cause for removal from office.

Written by Craig Baracco

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