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E.Coli Outbreak Originates From Petting Zoo

E.Coli Outbreak Originates From Petting Zoo 
Authorities now say a young child who died from exposure to E.Coli after a visit to the San Diego Del Mar Fair, picked up the infection at a fair petting zoo, and not from the livestock barns. Even with the livestock area cleared, the Amador County Fair reminds fair visitors how important it is to take advantage of the hand-washing stations that are provided in the livestock areas, as well as the public restrooms, after visiting any of the barns and animals. The spread of some forms of E. Coli, a bacterium found in the intestines of animals, can cause severe illness, but can be prevented with simple hand-washing. In addition to hand-washing stations and signs to remind visitors, Fair CEO Troy Bowers said there will be no food allowed in the livestock area and suggest families do not take strollers into the barns and urges parents to keep a close eye on young ones, while visiting the barn areas.

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