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Sutter Creek Talks Street Lights And Short Term Rentals

Sutter Creek Talks Street Lights And Short Term Rentals

The Sutter Creek City Council debated street lights along Main Street and an ordinance regulating short term rentals at their meeting last night.  The Council debated a proposal to change out the street lights along the rest of Main Street to match the style of lights that have been put into place during the replacement of the Main Street Bridge.  The issue is that the new lights cannot support the City's traditional Christmas decorations which are hung across Main Street.  There is an alternative way to hang the Christmas garlands, but it requires permission from building owner along Main Street.  The Council voted to hold off on any street light replacements until agreements from Main Street building owner can be secured.

The Council also offered changes and edits to a draft ordinance that would regulate short term rentals such as Air BnB.  Under the ordinance, rental would require an additional permit from the city and meet various regulations.  Added to the ordinance was a density requirement that will limit the number of such rentals in a certain area, but the Council also directed that parking requirements be eased so that they match the existing requirements for single-family homes.  Finally the Council approved a contract to remodel the bathrooms at the City auditorium.

Written by Craig Baracco

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