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Sutter Creek Fire District MCI Training Event

Sutter Creek Fire District MCI Training Event 

Sutter Creek Fire District hosted a Multi Casualty Incident (MCI) Training event Monday, August 12, 2019 at the Amador County School Transportation Facility in Sutter Creek. Amador County Schools donated an out-of-service school bus that was used for the training prop. The training consisted of securing the bus, cutting an access hole in the roof and removing the trapped participants (patients) from the bus. As part of the training we also triaged the patients to determine what care and what hospital they would need to be transported to. Personnel from American Legion Ambulance, Ione Fire Department, Jackson Fire Department, Cal Fire, Amador Fire District, Mule Creek Fire Department, Buena Vista Fire Department, California Highway Patrol, Sutter Amador Hospital and Sutter Creek Fire District participated in the MCI drill. Thanks to the Amador County School Transportation Division for the bus donation, personnel to assist with the drill and hosting the event at their facility. Also, thanks to the Amador High School Football team for supplying volunteers to be participants in the bus.

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