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Calaveras Utility Rates Increase

After a long-fought battle, the Calaveras Public Utility District Board of Directors have voted to increase water rates for all District Customers.  The Board held a meeting solely devoted to the rate increase issue last night.  The base charge for a standard 5/8 inch connection will increase from $39.73 to $55.68 per month starting next month, and is scheduled to increase each year until it is $68.10 in 2023.  The usage fee will increase from to $1.60 to $2.24 per 1000 gallons used.   The Board received public comment from members of the public, hearing from around a dozen speakers, all of whom were opposed to the rate increase, and whose statements ranged from suggesting that the District seek out more grants to fund its infrastructure projects, to a call for the Board of Directors and senior District management to resign for “gross incompetence.”   District staff then totaled up the number of protest votes under Proposition 218 that had been received.  Between ballots mailed in and those delivered at the meeting, a total of 617 protests were received.  It would have required 1007 votes or more than 50% of the District's customers to block the rate increase.  The Board then voted 4-1 to approve the rate increase, with Richard Blood the only no vote.  The rate increase goes into effect immediately.  The Calaveras Public Utility District serves 2,000 customers throughout San Andreas, Mokelumne Hill, Glencoe, Paloma, and Rail Road Flat.

Written by Craig Baracco

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