Aug 28, 2019 School Board Report

The Amador School Board welcomed its student representatives for year and approved a new arts program for the School District as well as a new bathroom for the Argonaut track and athletic field.  Sworn in last night were student representatives Amador High's Hailey Dacier, Kailey Pace of North Star and Rebecca Morla of Independence High, who joined Sophie Davis from Argonaut High, who was sworn in at the last meeting.  The student representatives participate in the meeting and discussion, as well as take non-binding advisory votes on agenda items. The Board approved a new Arts Education Plan for the school district.  Developed in coordination with members of the local arts community, the document is a 5 year strategic plan for art education, with the goal of both increasing the number and variety of arts programs in the schools as well as the number of participants.

The Board also approved a contract for a new bathroom facility for the Argonaut High athletic field.  A new accessible visitor-side bathroom was required by state officials as part of the project to bring a new track surface to Argonaut.  The building is expected to cost $75,000 with more required to prepare the site, to be paid for out of developer fees.                               

Written by KVGC Staff

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