Hwy 16 Corridor Update

Dramatic changes along the Highway 16 corridor and what to do about them was the talk of a special community meeting held last night.   Amador County Transportation Commission Executive director John Getney led the meeting, which discussed the relinquishment of State Highway 16 east of Grant line Road in Sacramento.   Under relinquishment, this section of highway will be turned over from the State to Sacramento County and converted to a boulevard as part of a planned large-scale housing development in the area, which could add tens of thousands of new residents, as well as adding at least 10 and as many as 26 stops along the main highway connection from Amador County to the Sacramento metro area. Travel times are expected to increase greatly, as much as double in some instances.   Getney was realistic in his assessment of the situation, with the State Legislature and Governor approving the legislation despite lobbying from Amador County and ACTC, the project is going to proceed, the highway turned over, and the new developments built.   However ACTC intends to challenge the relinquishment in court, particularly the environment review, as a way to force Cal Trans to acknowledge the traffic impacts of the projects and force mitigation measures to address those impacts.

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