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Jackson Adopts 2019-2020 Budget

Jackson Adopts 2019-2020 Budget 

The City of Jackson has adopted its budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.  The City Council approved the document, which details some 8 million dollars in revenue and expenses, with just over half that amount coming from the City's general fund.   As usual, the City's police department is its single largest General Fund expenditures with almost 1.8 million dollars allocated for that department.  The City plans to spend close to $900,000 on administration, $400,000 on Streets, and $180,000 on Building and Planning services.  The City spends over a million dollars a year on its fire department, with $200,000 coming from the General fund and over 700,000 raised through Measure M sales tax revenue.  The city spends 2.1 million dollars on water service and 2.9 million dollars on wastewater service, both of which are paid for through service billings.   All told the City employs 32 people in it various departments and expects the budget to be close to balanced this year.                                                            

 Written by Craig Baracco

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