Harmful Algae at Forest Meadows Storage Pond

The Calaveras County Water District (CCWD) recently detected a harmful algal bloom in an effluent pond on Sandalwood Drive in Forest Meadows.  According to a CCWD press release, to protect public health in the area, the district has constructed a barrier fence around the storage pond and posted signs warning residents to avoid contact with the water.  CCWD urges residents to take precautionary measures when in the area of the pond and is working with the Calaveras County Department of Environmental Health and the State Water Board to better understand the causes and respond appropriately. Over the past few months, HABs have been identified in Calaveras County and throughout California by the State Water Resources Control Board.  Recently the district conducted testing for HABs in all water supply sources for its drinking water systems; however, the results indicated that none were present.                                             

Written by KVGC Staff

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