Amador School Board Report

A former member of the Amador School Board issued a warning at the beginning of last night’s Board meeting.   Speaking during public comments, former school board member Bob Laurent demanded that School Board Member Candi Thompson withdraw and apologize for what he called “slanderous remarks" in a letter to the Editor from Thompson published by the Amador Ledger-Dispatch back in May or he would sue.  Thompson was not present at the meeting. The Board then got down to business, officially appointing the members of a Special Education Study Group.   The Board voted to appoint 32 members to the Study group, which is charged with examining how Special Education services are delivered in Amador County and if money can be saved by transferring Special Education programs from the County Office of Education to the Unified School District.  The 32 member study group represents a wide range of stakeholders in the school system, representatives including both Special and General Education Teachers, Parents of students, education aids, Principals, School Board Members, representatives of the various School District Unions, as well as both the District and County Superintendents.   The Study Group will begin a year-long series of meetings and workshops to discuss the issue.  In other business the Board reviewed the School District's procedures for adopting new textbooks.  The different subjects are on a 8 year rotation for review and adoption, under supervision of a 13-person committee, half of whom are classroom teachers.  Currently the District is going to begin the review cycle for history and social science.   The Board also passed a declaration that the School District had sufficient textbooks for the ongoing school year.                                                                                  

 Written by Craig Baracco



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