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New Scam Hits The Mother Lode

New Scam Hits The Mother Lode

Another round of telephone scams is making the rounds. The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office was recently made aware of a telephone scam involving a person representing themselves as a deputy. According to victims, they received a call from a person stating they were a deputy of a member of the Sheriff’s Office and needed to talk to them about “an ongoing legal matter”. The person then attempts to solicit personal information and in some cases the suspect leaves a number to call back. The sheriff’s office would like to remind everyone that they do not solicit personal information over the phone. If you’re contacted by anyone you believe is falsely representing themselves as a law enforcement officer you are urged to call the sheriff’s office and report it. Here are a few tips when dealing with phone scammers:

·         Don’t answer unknown callers.

·         Don’t wire money

·         Never reply to messages asking for your financial/personal information

·         Do not confirm or deny your identity until you know who is calling

·         Do not disclose personal information or passwords

·         And be strong and put safety first

Just asking basic questions and verifying caller information can easily stop you from making a big mistake.

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