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Ione City Council Ready For New Year

 Ione City Council Ready For New Year

In their first meeting of the New Year, the Ione City Council received price estimates for surplus property the city is planning on selling, and reviewed various committee assignments for council members in the year.  The City is planning on selling three properties to the public.   As part of the process, an independent assessment of each property was performed.  The land on Shakeley Drive was valued at $45,000 while properties located on Sutter Lane and Fairway Drive were each estimated to be worth $35,000.  Each property is vacant and a potential home site, which ended up in the hands of the city, but undeveloped as part of recent subdivision projects.  City staff recommends that once the sales move forward, each property will be required to be developed with a home consistent with the surrounding properties as a condition of the sale.   The Council also reviewed committee assignment for different members of the city council.  These assignments include city-only subjects such as budget and sewer sub-committees, but also intergovernmental agencies such as the Amador Transportation Commission and County Air Quality Board.                                                  Written by Craig Baracco



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