The Latest CA Stats of COVID-19

The Latest CA Stats of COVID-19

The public health state department releases the latest stats of COVID-19 cases. As of the 2 PM on the 22nd, there have been 1,733 positive cases.  From that number 27 have died posing a 1.6% mortality rate for Californians. Most are found between the age of 18 – 49 which make up 837 or 48% of those positively identified. Recorded with the least are those under 18 with 25 confirmed. Those between the age of 50-64 make up 442 cases and those older with 415. Currently 26,400 tests have been conducted in the state with a 12,100 still awaiting results. 

According to Amador Public Health there is one positive case & one outside the county lines. As for Calaveras,  no additional cases have been reported from the two family members that tested positive a few weeks ago.

For more information visit California Department of Public Health webpage. 

More local updates can be found at Amador & Calaveras government webpage. 

Written by Matt Riebe 


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