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A Rescue at Big Trees Village

A Rescue at Big Trees Village

Another day of storm-restoration response in the high country of Calaveras County turned into a rescue mission for two PG&E trouble-men.

Last Friday morning, Stockton based T-men Adam Gossett and Ian Collins were working to clear a hazard tag in an area of Big Trees Village near Arnold that had been hit hard with heavy snow. While working, one of them heard a faint, muffled yell, but he wasn’t sure where it came from.

Inside the doorway, at a residence mostly hidden by large snow banks, they found a 74 year-old man yelling for help. That’s when they learned he had been stuck there – nearly five days – without power, phone, heat or food. Before the T-men discovered him, the man had placed “PLEASE HELP” signs in the window of his home. He said he had blown a whistle for two days hoping to get someone’s attention, but no one was around to hear his pleas.

During this recent storm, the two T-men had come across 6 or 7 people, mostly in vacation cabins, who had been trapped by the snow.

32 crews worked to restore service to the Big Trees Village, a community of approximately 1,500 residents. More than 80 poles were replaced along with hundreds of cross-arms, several spans of wire and more than a few transformers. 

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