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CA COVID-19 Update

CA COVID-19 Update

The latest stats from the California Public Health Department reveal an increase of COVID-19 impact. As of 2 PM Monday, there are 2,100 confirmed cases. This reveals that within two days, around 400 tests have come back positive. Previously there were 27 deaths reported; now there are 40. Up till Monday, approximately 27,650 tests have been conducted. Since then, 15,554 results have been received and another 12,100 are pending.  

Here’s one breakdown of positive cases within California: 

Ages of all confirmed positive cases:


•         Age 0-17: 28 cases

•         Age 18-49: 970 cases

•         Age 50-64: 493 cases

•         Age 65+: 449 cases

•         Unknown: 162 cases


Gender of all confirmed positive cases:

•         Female: 843 cases

•         Male: 1,081 cases

•         Unknown: 178 cases


Community transmission of COVID-19 has been identified in California since late February. 

Amador has one reported case within the county and one outside; both are in quarantine. 

Calaveras reports no further cases outside of the two family members identified weeks ago. 


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