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Amador Puts Prison On Notice


Amador Puts Prison On Notice

In a letter addressed to the Warden of Mule Creek State Prison and the head of the California Prison system, Amador County announced its intention to sue the State of California in Federal Court over pollution discharges by the prison.   The letter lists 8 incidents over the last five years where Mule Creek Prison has discharged, through its storm water runoff system, pollutants into Mule Creek, including raw sewage, in amounts that ranged from five thousand to 1.6 million gallons in size.  The letter contends that this is a violation of the Federal Clean Water Act and that the County will sue in Federal Court to force the Department of Corrections to address it.   The letter gives State officials 60 days to cease the pollution discharges, seek a federal permit, and mitigate the effects of the pollution or else the lawsuit will proceed. Mule Creek State Prison has been accused for years of


water pollution issues.  While the prison has faced enforcement actions, including


fines, from the State Regional Water Quality Control Board, both local residents as


well as City of Ione and Amador County elected officials have long complained that


the Regional Board has been ineffective in forcing the Department of Corrections


from addressing the pollution.  In April, an environmental consultant for the Prison


gave a report to the Ione City Council, in which the consultant claimed a recent


study had shown no exchange between the prison’s sewer and storm water runoff



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