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Pandemic Induced Amador Budget

Pandemic Induced Amador Budget

The COVID-19 pandemic loomed large at Thursday’s Amador Board of Supervisors, all-day budget hearing. The supervisors reviewed the upcoming budget with each department of the county throughout the day, ranging from law enforcement and fire to public health and roads. With the county’s general funds facing some loss of revenue due to reduced sales and transient occupancy tax due to COVID-19, supervisors were looking for small cuts from each department as they sought to close a $150,000 budget deficit across over $40 million of funding. These cuts took the form of small adjustments, such as delaying the hiring of two new sheriff deputies for six months or changing over how certain county employees are paid. The supervisors also directed that a fund, that set aside a million dollars last year for future payroll expenses, be tapped to undo a proposed $100,000 cut to the Amador Fire Protection District. One remaining major budget issue is that with the Harrah’s Northern California shut down, the Buena Vista Casino has not made its annual mitigation payment to the county, through which over a dozen law enforcement positions are paid for, including sheriff deputies, District Attorneys and probation officers. The board will have further hearings and adopt its budget in June. 

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